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Fang Chen two-component experimental machine, welcome to order!
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Fang Chen two-component experimental machine, welcome to order!

For a long time, Zibo Fangchen has always worked hard and forged ahead quietly, established a good reputation in the industry, and achieved fruitful results. It is because of Fang Chen's unremitting pursuit of product quality and passionate investment in customer service that the company stands out in the fierce market competition and has won the recognition and support of many merchants.

If you need to order a two-component experimental machine friends, or want to know more about the two-component experimental machine friends, we warmly welcome your consultation, ordering, and visit, welcome to call for consultation and procurement! This equipment with its excellent performance and stable quality has won the high recognition of many customers, behind the high quality delivery is Fang Chen's commitment to customers, but also the embodiment of responsibility and strength, looking forward to it for customers to bring greater benefits and value!

The characteristics of the two-component test machine: can spin parallel composite fiber, skin core island fiber, etc.; Suitable for PP, PA, PET and other materials.

Application of two-component experimental machine: color master batch manufacturers color matching, simulation of large-scale production process; Universities and colleges conduct scientific research and carry out various tests and tests.

Spinning speed of two-component experimental machine: 400-1200 or 500-5000m/min

If you have the need for a two-component experimental machine, you can contact us!

Zibo Fangchen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a chemical fiber experimental equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, technology development and equipment manufacturing. It is located in Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. For 20 years, it has focused on the research, development, design and manufacturing of synthetic fiber filament, nonwovens and other experimental equipment. It provides scientific research equipment to more than 60 universities at home and abroad, and exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

In recent years, through research on degradable materials, the company has successfully developed PGA, PLA medical surgical suture spinning equipment, and non-woven experimental equipment for new materials such as PLA and PBAT.

The company adheres to the principle of "providing customers with high-quality products and services, actively innovating to meet customer needs", and carries out extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign customers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and create a better future together!

You also want to know more product information, please contact us 0086 1361533016/0086 13792192370 website:http://www.fc-machine.com

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