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Zibo Fangchen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes  in the research and development of masterbatch and fiber testing equipment, incorporated in 2003, so far the research and development of the main products are: spinning test machine, filter performance tester, BCF tricolor spinning testing machine, SMS nonwoven fabric testing machine, meltblown nonwoven fabric testing machine, bicomponent spinning tester, BCF / FDY spinning tester, polyester POY / FDY spinning machine, spunbonded nonwoven fabric testing machine, spinning and spunbond non-woven machine, blown film test machine, laboratory texturing, lawn drawing test machine, A small film machine, single-screw extruder and shaker, dust, mill and so on. For more than 20 universities in the country to provide scientific equipment, in 2013 through the European CE certification, equipment exported to The US, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Czech Republic, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia and other countries.